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If you are looking for quality real estate opportunities in Nicaragua and expert insight into the property market, you've come to the right place. At Coldwell Banker Nicaragua, we continually review the country with our network of local property finders for the best deals and work with the finest real estate developers.

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How much is good property information worth?

Coldwell Banker is internationally recognized as one of the world's premier real estate companies. In Nicaragua we have helped hundreds of clients get in on the ground floor of real estate opportunities and it is this experience that we will share with you. We know which strategies work and which do not.

Our clients feel that good information based on timely market analysis from a trusted source can make the difference between a good investment and a great one.

Reasons for working with Coldwell Banker Nicaragua Real Estate:

  • Find value-packed real estate investments and lifestyle buys
  • Receive intelligent information, statistics and analysis on the property market
  • Understand the latest trends in real estate in Nicaragua
  • Have the confidence of working with a real estate brand leader you can trust
  • Receive guidance through the entire property purchasing process
  • Be introduced to key alliance partners working real estate and tourism sectors

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Real Estate in Nicaragua

We have a select group of Featured and Exclusive Properties that we feel offer outstanding value and the right combination of quality, location and profit potential.

We present Nicaragua real estate for sale throughout the country. Key "hotspot" areas include the colonial towns of Granada and Leon, San Juan del Sur on the Southern Pacific coast, Crater Lake Apoyo, the Pacfic Tola Riviera, the Inland Mountain areas of Matagalpa and Jinotega, the capital Managua, (click para espanol) and the Central Pacific Coast.

Doing well in real estate while doing good

Can real estate investors 'do well' while 'doing good'? Can local communities in Nicaragua benefit from the massive growth in real estate investing in the country? Is there a winning scenario where charitable initiatives increase investment return and social welfare at the same time?

Community REfund, an initiative launched in 2007, is offering the simple solution to achieving just that. With support from across the Nicaraguan real estate investment community, from brokers, to developers to investors, Community REfund is poised to make a big difference to the lives of local communities in Nicaragua. There is much more information on the initiative at its website.

green real estate The views from the property are magnificent. View Listing.

green real estate Ocean view villa in a luxury resort for $115,000. View Listing.

green real estate A beachfront condo sitting 3 stories high. View Listing.

green real estate A value-packed, Eco-inspired acreage opportunity. View Listing.

green real estate These condos are truly a grade above the rest. View listing.

green real estate One of the best views of San Juan del Sur bay. View Listing.

green real estate You'll want to frame the view from this luxury home. View Listing.

green real estate Join a whole community of green living. View Listing.

Coldwell Banker Nicaragua supports Community REfund a comprehensive effort aimed at reducing poverty by increasing opportunities in communities around Nicaragua.