San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur is a small, charming fishing town on a spectacular half-moon sandy bay on the southern Pacific coast of Nicaragua. The town has good connections to the capital city Managua and the colonial town of Granada and has emerged as the premier tourism destination on the Pacific.

Famous for its views, sunsets and surfing

The dramatic hills surrounding the bay offer beautiful ocean views and the western orientation of the town provides perfect vantage points for taking in the sunset. Small, private yachts, fishing boats and the occasional cruise liner dot the lovely bay. Fishing is still a mainstay of the economy here, although more and more locals are finding ways to get involved in the growing tourism activity in the region. For more on the local lifestyle, this site provides some useful insight.

San Juan del Sur real estate

In and around San Juan del Sur, visitors find plenty to see and do. Numerous beaches await exploration, the scenery is superb and good surfing can be found nearby. There is a local canopy tour, and the sport fishing and turtle watching (particularly at La Flor to the south) are world class. Rent a fishing boat and catch your dinner yourself. But if you don't get lucky, you can always stop at one of the numerous beachside restaurants set right on the sand or splurge on some fine dining at la Cascada restaurant on the hill behind the town.

San Juan del Sur real estate market

There are a range of property options to consider in San Juan del Sur and much will, of course, depend on your investment goals. Many investors are seeing good returns from purchasing vacant land or lots along the pacific coast. Lots sized a quarter acre and upwards start at $50,000, and offer stunning views of the ocean.

If your invested capital allows for construction of a home you can expect a return of $2 for every $1 you spend on construction plus the market price of the lot at the time you sell. Current building costs range from $75 ft2 to $90 ft2 for high end quality construction with hardwoods, granite countertops, for example.

There is more turnkey property now available on the market and good rental returns can be earned in established locations.

Marsella Beach, just north of San Juan del Sur

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San Juan del Sur sunset

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